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Zoo Blocks — Animal Match. Скриншот 1 Zoo Blocks — Animal Match. Скриншот 2 Zoo Blocks — Animal Match. Скриншот 3 Zoo Blocks — Animal Match. Скриншот 4

Match the animals in this developmental game for kids Zoo Blocks — Animal Match! Move the falling bricks with the cute animal images in order to match the identical ones. When the couple of the same bricks are side by side they will disappear. Don't let the bricks get to the top, if so the game will be over. 

Zoo Blocks — Animal Match features: 

— colorful developing game for kids;

— lovely animal cards falling down from the top;

— matching challenge for the reaction and logic training;

— increasing difficulty to improve your results constantly. 

Develop your reaction and logical thinking skills with the Zoo Blocks — Animal Match app!

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