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FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 2 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 3 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 4 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 5 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 6 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 7 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 8 FolderMount v2.9.13. Скриншот 9

Для функционирования программы необходимы права root пользователя.

Монтирование директорий c внутренней памяти на внешнюю SD Card, работающее на Android версии 4.2 и выше.

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Последнее изменение:
del15, 12 ноября 2013, 13:31   (...)
-Minor fix for bug reporter
-Not rooted? FM will google it for you
-Permission error dialog won't appear for users that don't have an emulated internal sdcard. e.g. Galaxy S2, Note 1, etc
-Play Store bug fixes from Google
-Report build ID and FM version in bug reporter
-Bug fixes in apps analyzer (FC)
-Universal ARMv7 patcher
del15, 17 декабря 2013, 21:39   (...)
2.3.7 Premium
-Added Vietnamese and Ukranian and updated other locales. Special thanks to three new translators: TransGent, venorme, and dhguardianes
-Initial support for Android KitKat 4.4
-Fixed Force Closes and bugs (more details in link below)
-Fixed a bootloop in some Galaxy TW ROMs due to improper «faulty module» patch
-Fix vold patcher for the leaked Android 4.3 ROMs (HTC devices)
-Better method of overwriting files that are knox or SELinux protected
del15, 17 декабря 2013, 21:41   (...)
2.3.10 Pro
-Updated Finnish locale
-Bug fix for some emulated sdcards on HONEYCOMB and above
-Fix for Samsung's latest 4.3 ROMs with tight KNOX control
-Bug fixes for 4.4 ROMs where FM fails to mount correctly after a reboot
TAHKOMAH, 30 декабря 2013, 10:33   (...)
-New locale: Greek (by Zanta) and updated French (new translator: jcp31). Thank you!
-Optimized the the way ext_sd is detected in KitKat
-Fix cases where double mounts were happening after a reboot
-New on boot algorithm. Hopefully this one should fix the «no mount after a reboot» problem that is experienced by a few.
-Bug reporter now reports more things about your device's environment
-Fix for new Nvidia Shield OTA update
TAHKOMAH, 30 декабря 2013, 10:38   (...)
2.4 Version:
-Updated Slovak locale
-Minor change to the way the on boot process gets executed to make sure the service does not get executed twice
-Complete remake of the vold hex patcher which now supports the newer LG 4.2 and higher stock ROMs
-USB devices mounted as “vold” are correctly detected now
artyoms15, 12 февраля 2014, 17:49   (...)
2.6.3 (Premium)
-Updated Spanish, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese (Traditional), Latvian (new) and Russian. We have two new translators: xlen and dphilvl. Thank you volunteers!
-Fix a very rare issue where both sd cards might disappear in some Sammy TW KK ROMs. (Note 3 and S4)
-Substantial speed and on-boot improvements for users on Android 4.2 or higher running SuperSU 1.93 or higher. If you have just upgraded to SuperSU 1.93, run it once, let it update, then reboot.
lagerek2011, 22 декабря 2015, 08:44   (...)
нерабочий последняя версия

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