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BlocksCraft 2D. Скриншот 1 BlocksCraft 2D. Скриншот 2

Game contains classic survival mechanics like crafting based on combining, gathering resources and food, farming, hunting animals, building shelter and defending from enemies.

This game IS NOT FINISHED. Don't expect it to work as well as a finished game will. Please report any bugs.


The default and most important controls are:

Mouse wheelSelect item
EscPause menu/abort/exit (pauses only singleplayer game)
F1Hide/show HUD
EOpen or close the inventory menu/use
ROpen or close the craft menu
Left mouse buttonDig/punch/take item
Right mouse buttonTake furniture
SpaceHotBar to place item
FHotBar remove item
F3Hide/show debug screen
ShiftGet off the boat
QDrop single item


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